A business can only grow if it can find enough new customers on a regular basis….

So how do we guarantee that you will get a steady stream of new clients buying what you sell?

Here’s how we do it ……….

  1. Analyze your market – We do the research on Google to see how many people are looking for what you sell and where you sell it. Based on the number of searches and various factors we’ll tell you how many new inquiries you can expect every day, week and month. We recommend what niches in your business to target and find new customers for.
  2. Create Google Ads campaigns – We build construct Google Ads campaigns with adverts that specifically target searchers looking for what you sell and where you sell it. Our adverts are written in such a way that they “jump out” at the client looking for your products. More than 17% of folks that see our ads on top of a Google results page will click on it and land on your web page we direct them to.
  3. Create “Google Friendly” website-pages – We then create your “Google Friendly” landing pages to collect your inquiries. No cold calling! The client calls you or sends you an email. (Alternatively we use your current website pages and make recommendations on how to optimize (SEO) your landing pages to collect inquiries)
  4. Switch on for searchers to find you – Because the web-pages and adverts are created specifically around searchers looking for exactly what you sell and where you sell it, Google algorithms places your adverts in the top 3 positions of a Google results page. So searchers find what you sell… where you sell it… with one click without getting lost in the “noise” of the internet.

Because we craft the web-pages, the adverts and the search terms to be extremely relevant to your specific business and specific to your location, Google rewards your campaigns with the *lowest cost* for pay-per-click advertising. You also get the best position at the top of the results pages where the bulk of the relevant traffic is. We guarantee this! If you do not get the most relevant real-estate traffic… our services are free!

FindMe Pay Per Click is one of only 197 recognized Google Certified Business Partners in South Africa. You will find us in the Google Certified Partners directory HERE  To see what a certified partner is click our Google Partner badge above.

Our clients typically creates more than enough additional sales and profit from the first month they use our service to pay our fees for the following 10 to 12 months in advance.