A business can only grow if it can find enough new customers on a regular basis….

So how do we guarantee that you will get new clients with results?


Here’s how we do it ……….

1 Analyse your market –  We do the research on Google to see how many people are looking for what you sell. Based on the number of searches we’ll tell you how many new inquiries you can expect every month.  We recommend what niches in your business to target and find new customers for.
 2 Create advertising campaigns – We build adverts that specifically target searchers looking for what you sell. Our adverts are written in such a way that they “jump out” at the client looking for your products.  More than 10% of folks that see our ads on top of the Google page will click on it to see your website.
3 Create a “Google Friendly” website – We then create your “Google Friendly” website to collect your inquiries.  These detailed inquiries land on your desktop the minute the client fills out the form.  You just need to call the client to make the sale! No cold calling! (Alternatively we can use your current website and make recommendations on how to optimise (SEO) your landing pages to collect inquiries)
4   Switch on – Because the website is created specifically around searchers looking for exactly what you sell, Google places your adverts ***right at the top of the Google results page. Because the website and the adverts are crafted to be extremely relevant to the search terms the client types into Google to find the products and services you offer, Google rewards you with the ***lowest costs for pay-per-click advertising and the best position on the results page.
  ***We guarantee this!