What do FindMe PPC Solutions Do:

We help you find new clients for your business.  google_adwords

We will find you new clients in any field imaginable. Inquiries are made by people and business looking for single items, bulk purchases, corporate deals and companies looking to change suppliers.  You get the inquiry on your desk when the searcher is actively searching for the products that you sell.  Our clients include Air conditioner Installers, Kayak Sales, Adventure Trips, Security Printers, Meat distributors, Vehicle Wrappers, Branding Companies, Vending Operators, Food Cart Manufacturers, Waste Bin Manufacturers, Alarm Installers, Wallpaper Suppliers, Tent manufacturers, Industrial Goods, Pest Control, Steel Manufacturers, Engineering Works, Roofing Contractors, Plumbers, Courier Companies, etc, etc, etc.

When someone searches on the internet for the items or services that you sell, we ensure that you get the first opportunity to present your products to them.   We team up with partners and businesses like yourself who do what they do best…..  Sell their products and services!  FindMe then puts the inquirers request and contact details on your desk the minute they make the inquiry.   All you have to do is call them!  We guide your Sales Team in procedures on how to deal with these inquiries to ensure best practice and maximum sales.  We  target buyers and searchers specific to your business and the products you sell.  The inquiries you get are in real time when the enquirer is actively looking to buy or inquire about the products and services that you sell and possibly ready to make the purchase. Our clients rate the majority of the inquiries we have given them during past as great quality.

Benefits to you:

No cold calling.  The enquirer makes contact with you directly to buy your product or service.  You just need to contact them back and offer your products.  Anyone doing cold calling will understand the benefit of this.
No contracts that tie you down.  FindMe services are offered on a month to month basis.  If you find that we do not offer exceptional value to your business, you can cancel any time.
Total Accountability.  You will know at any time what your ROI (return on investment), cost per client, cost per sale, etc is.  We supply information on who is looking for your business, where they inquire from, trends in the products and services you sell and what other products searchers are looking for that you should be selling.
No interference with your current systems.  We manage every aspect via our own systems.


The cost to you depend on a number of factors such as what you sell, who you sell to, where your target market is, how many competitors you have in your field, how many leads you want, etc.  Our clients typically generate enough sales via our system during the first month to pay for our service for the year.

Please complete the contact form above. There is no obligation whatsoever. Describe briefly what your business is and what products or services you sell/manufacture or want to sell.  If you have a website, please give us the details.  We will do the research and get back to you in a flash with some useful answers.  We will be able to tell you how many new prospects you can expect to make inquiries on the products you sell.  With the number of inquiries we have send to our clients, we are pretty confident in the numbers we predict.  Of course we would like to confirm that your current sales process matches the best practice we recommend (and which is bringing our current clients lots of sales).

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